2023 General school information

This booklet is designed to give you as much relevant information about our College as possible. For all other questions or enquiries, please contact the College Office ( or 9826 2116).

Term dates


TERM 4:听 听 听 听Monday 9 October – Thursday 7 December 2023


TERM 1:听 听 听 (Secondary students) Monday 29 January 2024
听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听(Primary students) Wednesday 31 January 2024听听

2023 Lunch order menu

Lunch orders are run by the school adjacent to the College. For Term 4, 2023 lunch orders are available every day of the week.

2023 Stationery requirements

This document contains a list of stationery requirements for each grade in 2023.听